The House of Tomorrow

This novel, the first from Peter Bognanni, is really a novel of ideas. From the look of the cover, I had no idea what to expect (I actually the jacket design is a mistake here). The book deals with the philosophy of Buckminster Fuller in a very interesting and unique way. Sebastian lives with his […]

Life of Pi.

OK. OK. I didn’t get it. I had this one sitting in a pile for a long time and, for some reason, put off reading it. Now that I have–I didn’t get it. Martel’s first novel was wildly popular. I must have missed something. As my wife cracked, after I lamented the book’s ending, “it’s […]

Walks With Men:Fiction.

I’ve been reading Ann Beattie since the 1980s, so it seemes appropriate that this novella begins with the following line: “I 1980, in New York, I met a man who promised me he’d change my life, if only I’d let him.” That narrator, Jane, seems to walk out of many of Beattie’s early stories. My […]