My new job responsibilities

Hooray for me!  I am now responsible for locating internships for our business, graphic design and computer science majors.  I am happy to have this opportunity because it will let me test out some of the instructions I have been giving in this blog. I know I’ve yapped about networking, networking, networking…you’re probably tired of […]

Obama’s speech

I went to the gym during the speech. I went because President Obama can be captivating when giving a speech.  I did not want to be captivated.  I wanted the message.  So I found a transcript and read it.  Please keep in mind that I am no political expert and that these are the ramblings […]


Just a quick link to an article about freelancing.  With the change in the economy, more folks are making a living at several jobs rather than one.  A freelancing job is one of those options.  This article explains the methods to becoming a successful freelancer. Condensed, the advise is universally appropriate.  Know who you are. […]