GA Stephanie on Facebook

Facebook is considered the new age way of connecting with people long forgotten. The original use of Facebook was to allow college students to connect with other college students. Then it opened up to high school students, and now anyone with an e-mail can use Facebook. However, with Facebook so easily accessed, either via internet or phone apps, people are using Facebook for more than just connecting with old high school friends. They are using it to play games, and even research future employees. Today, employers are actually using Facebook to look into possible employees to see what kind of activities they are into.

Facebook has become a way to see the truth about an employee and what they really think. Recently, my mother was given information that one of her employees was making comments on Facebook about her co-workers, her boss, and how the government runs their organizations. The first thing my mother did was get on Facebook, and look this person up. Without any issues, she was able to find this woman, and look at everything that was on her Facebook account. Almost the first thing she saw was that this woman posted a status that mentioned that the government missed her overtime pay and they sucked. She then went on commenting to her friends about her boss, who forgot to turn in her overtime sheets. It was an honest mistake but her boss did not see it that way. She posted comments, that I won’t re-state, as they are wildly inappropriate; but let’s just say this woman used some four-letter words when talking about her boss.

I think that I can safely say no one would want their boss to know they spoke ill of them. I personally would never think to say something bad about my boss, even if I am having a rough day. So why would I post something bad on Facebook, knowing the world can see it? Once you put something on the internet, it is there for life. There is always a way to go back and find something that was deleted.  So is this the reason you would want to lose your job? Something you post on Facebook can cause you to not get a new job or to lose a current job.

This is not the first time this woman has posted on Facebook. She has posted about her job before, both while at work, and on her own time. This women works in a confidential location, so anything she post or talks about is considered against company policy and she can be fired. My mother is now looking into the situation, and as one of the woman’s bosses she has the right to fire her because she posted about the job, and about her boss, in very inappropriate ways.

So what does all this really mean? Here are some things about Facebook that you, as a user should consider:

  1. Don’t use Facebook at work. Facebook takes up a lot of time. So when you are at work, do your work. If your boss catches you on Facebook, rather then doing your work, there could be consequences.
  2. Don’t talk about other people you work with on Facebook. If you start making comments about the people you work with, word will get around. Then you are starting work place drama that does not need to happen. If there is a problem with a co-worker. Deal with it in the old fashioned way, talk to them and your boss.
  3. Don’t post about your boss. Just because there is a mistake at work, or because your boss does something you don’t agree with, does not mean you can talk about them on Facebook. Just like posting about your co-workers, this will cause more problems for you. Plus, it can get you fired.
  4. Don’t post about the company you work for.  If you are not happy with the company you work for don’t make bad comments about them. A future employer might see you speak ill of it, and think, “that is not a team player.” Then you loose another job.
  5. Lastly, don’t incriminate yourself. If others post pictures and comments about you that might be misconstrued, remove them. You do not want a prospective employer looking and seeing something they do not like. Everyone thinks differently, so even if you don’t think it’s a bad picture, someone else might.

Don’t let Facebook ruin your career. The idea behind Facebook is social networking, and having fun. Do not allow it to get in the way of your life and your goals.

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