GA Ashley on The Virtual You: Technology and Job Search Privacy

While technology can be a huge help to job searching and life in general, it is now something else to be conscious of when applying for positions. Most of you have likely heard by now about the need to use Facebook’s privacy settings to protect yourselves from criminal behavior such as stalking, but did you […]

GA Dacia on the Top 5 Reasons To Visit the Career Center

1. Linked In: LinkedIn is a web-based social network.  It allows users to: construct a public profile identify a list of users with whom they share a common connection view and navigate their and others’ connection lists within the system (Gerard, 2011). More than one third of adults are using an online social networking site […]

GA Jackie on Internships…

Internships…those things adults always talk about, how important they are and how valuable the experience will be.  Well as a recent college graduate I can most definitely say internships are important. I have always loved working with children.  It was the one thing I knew for sure from the start.  Teaching?  Maybe.  During my sophomore […]