New Program Options in Teaching Excellence–Assessment and Planning; Literacy; Technology Integration

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I am really excited about our new online Teaching Excellence Options at Sage. Inservice educators are now able to study and apply their new understandings to projects in their own classroom, school and/or district! Here are the three areas of study:

  1. Assessment and Planning–learn how to assess efficiently and inform your teaching; incorporate Response to Intervention strategies to improve your instruction and more.
  2. Literacy–learn about what’s new in critical media and other digital literacies K-12; update your skills in using literature for social justice and culturally responsive teaching and more.
  3. Technology Integration–learn the newest, most useful Web 2.0 tools, such as social bookmarking, that can improve you teaching and students learning and more.

This listing is just the start of our offerings–we have several more under construction! Our goal is to provide flexible, timely offerings that will positively impact inservice educators’ knowledge of current information with concrete strategies for application.

Want to know a bit more? Here’s a video on the Masters and Certificate Programs: Introduction to MTX Vodcast

Who might be interested in these programs of study?

•    Suppose you are a current teacher who wants to have more knowledge about how to incorporate digital literacy (e.g., video) into your teaching and you also want to know how to document learners’ growth to inform your instruction as well as to satisfy Response to Intervention requirements (RtI). You might choose to complete the MTX Masters (32 credits), which allows you to select two areas of concentration, and design applied projects for your classroom/school.
•    Perhaps you are a principal who wants more background in literacy instruction because you want to improve your school’s performances in English language arts, then you might complete the Literacy Certificate (13 credits).
•    Perchance you are a teacher returning to the job market and want to retool in technology—the new Web 2.0 tools are amazing and so helpful for teaching students content and communication skills necessary for the 21st Century. How do you learn these skills? Well, the Technology Integration Certificate is the perfect choice.

What makes Sage’s MTX programs different from other online programs? Three responses come to mind.

  1. This program offers choice in the Masters Degree. Most graduate programs are lock-step in content and students must complete their degree without any input into the design. In the MTX Masters Program, you choose to combine the two areas of study that make sense in terms of your needs.
  2. You can complete one Program Certificate area and decide to come back and complete the Masters Degree later. This is quite novel. Most online certificates are simply certificates indicating study in an area. Sage’s MTX Certificates reflect graduate credits and can be combined to lead to a Master Degree. A Masters degree or a second Masters degree can often increase teachers’ pay depending on their specific school district’s contract.
  3. Sage’s School of Education is accredited by NCATE (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education;, which means that we have very high standards and have been closely reviewed by this rigorous accrediting body.

Have questions? Feel free to call Admissions (518-292-8615) or contact Mary Grace Luibrand (, 518-244-4578, who is our professional advisor. You are welcome to contact me as the Director of the Teaching Excellence Programs (

Look for bi-weekly updates! Coming soon–great Web 2.0 tools!


Kay Gormley

Kathleen A. Gormley, PhD


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